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Often called the timber wolf, the gray wolf is native to Minnesota and is the state's most controversial animal. That's because it sometimes kills livestock and pets, often eats deer, and is valued by many people as a symbol of wilderness. The gray wolf can be found throughout northern Minnesota, where it runs in packs. These animals Between 60 to 120 pounds (coyotes weigh between 25 and 35 pounds).

A typical Minnesota wolf is mixed gray in color with yellowish sides and darker gray on the back. However, individuals vary from almost solid black to buff-white.are extremely wary and are seldom seen up close in the wild.

Its habitat is northern forests, although a growing number have been spotted near prairie lands and semi-wooded areas. Gray wolves live mostly in the northern half of Minnesota, but in recent years they've been moving south. Several now live a few miles south of Lake Mille Lacs. Gray wolves do not breed until two or three years of age. Gray wolves mate in January and February. Pups are born usually in late April or early May, and number from four to eight per litter. The pups are nursed in dens for six to eight weeks.  miles south of Lake Mille Lacs.

Individual packs defend territories of 50 to 120 square miles (usually not more than one wolf per 10 square miles), and the members of the pack usually restrict their hunting and feeding activities to that area. Most wolf packs in Minnesota contain five to eight individuals, although as many as a dozen may rarely be present.

The wolf den may be situated in a rock crevice or in a hole dug out from under the projecting roots of a tree.



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